Birthday Cakes

Celebrate your special day with a delectable birthday cake from Zest Patisserie! Our birthday cakes are handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail, so you can rest assured your cake will shine just as much as you do on your special day. 

At Zest Patisserie, we understand how important birthdays are and strive to ensure every one of our cakes is moist, moreish, rich and delicious. Our decadent cakes are available in various flavours and designs to match any season or event, making it easy to find the perfect flavour to suit your palate.

This year, make your birthday celebration even more meaningful by ordering one of our beautiful birthday cakes — topped with sparkly bling and spirited cake decorations! Our intricate designs guarantee you’ll find something that perfectly complements your special day. 

Choose From Our Delicious Range of Moreish Birthday Cakes

Choose from single-tiered or multi-layered options in various flavours, such as triple chocolate, raspberry white chocolate cheesecake or gluten-free Vienetta cake. You can even opt for something minty or fruity from our vegan and gluten-free alternatives! Not a fan of cakes but still want something sweet? Check out our pastries, savouries, biscuits or tarts to pair with delicious Zest Patisserie branded coffee beans ground to perfection and brewed in a cup for the afterparty.

Customised Birthday Cakes Crafted by Our In-House Bakers

Celebrate your special day in style with a customised birthday cake delivered in Sydney from our online cake shop! Our expert bakers take time and care to craft unique cakes made just for you — with all the details and adornments you wish could wish for. From chunky biscuits to waffle styles, our vast selection offers something for everyone — no matter what your taste buds call for.

Crafting the perfect cake is our passion — we design each one with love and an eye for detail. You deserve nothing but the best on your special day, so don't settle — choose Zest Patisserie for your online cake delivery in Sydney!

The Best Birthday Cakes Delivered To Your Door

Cakes are only the beginning of the perfect birthday celebration. Our baking experts bake birthday cakes like no other, ensuring an unforgettable tasting experience with every slice. No need to worry about baking up all the sweet treats on your own this year — let us take care of it with our party food catering services! As soon as you unbox your decadent cake and set eyes on its stunning visual appeal, you'll be tantalised by the delightful scent and tempted to dive right in for a taste. 

Online Cake Delivery For Every Celebration That Counts 

Zest Patisserie is proud to offer delicious and beautiful birthday cakes for any age. Whether you are celebrating a 5th or 50th birthday bash, our talented bakers can craft the perfect birthday cake for your special day. We offer classic flavours such as vanilla and chocolate but also exotic flavours like mango, raspberry, white chocolate ganache and more — so there’s no doubt we have something at our cake shop to please your taste buds.

We take pride in the original creations that our bakers make. Our birthday cakes are decorated with special touches like hand-crafted fondant details and creative buttercream designs, topped with jellies or number toppers you can light up and blow out. From intricately-decorated designs to delightful single-tiered cakes perfect for intimate celebrations, trust the Zest Patisserie team to turn your dream celebration into a reality! 

Order a Birthday Cake And Have It Quickly Delivered To Your Doorstep 

For any special occasion, Zest Patisserie has you covered with our Sydney birthday cake delivery! Our delicious, freshly-baked birthday cakes will make your celebratory moment something to remember. Whether it's a surprise for that special someone or an intimate gathering of friends and family, our cakes are the perfect way to say 'happy birthday'. 

Keen to see our designs in person? We invite you to visit our bakery in Kellyville, NSW. If we’re not near your current location, fear not — we have a reliable cake delivery service that lets us bring joy to your table with one of our signature birthday cakes.

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