Chocolate Cakes

There is no better cake flavour in the world than a delectable chocolate cake. In all its gooey glory, this is the easiest choice to make when it comes to cake. Is there anything better than chocolate? We think not. 

Perfect for every occasion, chocolate cake can be used as a celebration, a treat or a reward. Browse through the Zest Patisserie collection of delicious chocolate options today to find the perfect dessert for your next big occasion. 

Chocolatey goodness in every bite

From a classic Mud Cake to a traditional Chocolate Sponge with delicate Chantilly Cream, you will find many options in the Zest Patisserie online store. If you’ve been searching for the best chocolate cake in Sydney, you’re in the right place. 

There are incredible gluten-free chocolate cakes, and we also have vegan options to satisfy your chocolate cake cravings, even if you have certain dietary requirements. 

Using the highest-quality ingredients is how we know our chocolate cakes are the best in the business. Place your chocolate cake order today and experience the deliciousness for yourself. 

Find everything you need online

If you’re looking for a sweet treat but short on time, you can find everything you need in our convenient online store. For the chocolate cake, an online order takes no time at all, and with our fantastic delivery options, you can get your hands on a chocolate cake in Sydney whenever you feel the need. 

It really is that easy. Simply browse through our cake collection online and choose the one that appeals most to you. With a few simple clicks, your chocolate cake order will be placed, and your cake will be on its way to your door. 

Convenient chocolate cake delivery in Sydney

If chocolate cake is your weakness, then we are your enablers. Once you have made your chocolate cake order, our experienced baking team will get to work on creating the best cake you have ever tasted. 

Not only will we put together the best chocolate cake, but we will deliver it to you as well. Delivery fees can be easily calculated on our site, so there are no hidden expenses in getting your cake to you. 

We offer delivery services between 6 am and 2 pm on weekdays and between 7 am and midday on Saturdays. Our expert delivery team will arrive as close to your specified time as possible, holding a delicious chocolate cake for you to enjoy. 

Order online with Zest Patisserie today

Find the best chocolate cake in Sydney in the Zest Patisserie store. Browse our collection, which even includes savoury options like pies and snacks to round out the spread for your next event, and if you’re looking for something more, we offer catering services too. Appreciate the true art form of a quality chocolate cake with every bite. Enhance your Zest for life and order a chocolate cake today.


Which is the best chocolate cake?

Chocolate cake is all about personal preference. If you love chocolate, then there will be a perfect chocolate cake in our online store for you. Browse the collection online today to discover everything from Cookies and Cream to a decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake to suit your next event or occasion. Try one or try them all to find your favourite chocolate cake in Sydney. 

What type of chocolate cakes are there?

Our chocolate cake range extends from a traditional Chocolate Sponge to Chocolate Mud Cakes to the incredible Chocolate Honeycomb Truffle. Please all your guests or workmates with the most delicious chocolate cake in Sydney.

Do you offer chocolate cakes with dietary restrictions?

We believe that chocolate cakes should be available to everyone, despite dietary restrictions, which is why we offer both a gluten-free chocolate cake option as well as a delicious vegan chocolate cake. 

Leave no man, woman or child behind when it comes to eating cake! There should be a chocolate cake for everyone to enjoy at your next party or celebration. 

What is the price of chocolate cakes in Sydney?

The price of our chocolate cake options varies depending on the type you choose and the accessories you select when you are making your chocolate cake online order. You can settle for just the cake or adorn it with a personalised message to make it an exceptional addition to your next celebration. 

Do you offer delivery for chocolate cakes in Sydney?

Zest Patisserie offers chocolate cake delivery in Sydney 6 days a week. From Monday to Saturday, we will bring you the chocolate cake you have been craving — no matter where in Sydney you are based. 

When should I place the order for chocolate cakes?

We offer next-day delivery for all orders placed from Sunday to Friday. Place your order the day before you need it to arrive, and we will ensure that your chocolate cake reaches you at the perfect time.

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