There is no better way to finish a meal than with the ever-delicious combination of cream cheese and cake. At Zest Patisserie, our cheesecakes have long been a household favourite — and with the handy option to order cheesecake online, nothing is standing between you and your favourite dessert.

With a wide variety of toppings and decorative styles to choose from, one look at our online store will see you quickly wanting to arrange for delivery of the best cheesecake in Sydney.

Browse our incredible cheesecake collection and order your favourite today.

Cheesecake — an all-time favourite

Though cheesecake was first created by the Ancient Greeks over 4000 years ago, this delightful dessert has made itself a family favourite in many cultures worldwide, with every location creating a unique variation. From the New York Cheesecake to the Japanese version, there is a world of flavours and styles waiting to be discovered by cheesecake lovers.

Fulfil your cravings today and arrange a cheesecake delivery from the Sydney experts for your next dinner party — or just enjoy the delectable flavours as a special treat. When you order cheesecake online with Zest Patisserie, we take all the hassle out of enjoying one of the most delicious types of cake.

Baked or fresh cheesecake — order online for delivery

With every order made fresh for your cheesecake delivery, you can be sure of the lasting quality of cake that you will receive from Zest Patisserie. Your cheesecake design can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like with the bling section of our site, where you can order additional accessories to dress up your cake in any way you choose.

Our off-site kitchen takes great pride in delivering the most beautiful cakes, perfect for any occasion. Be it a birthday, a date night or a graduation dinner, you can order cheesecake online, knowing that delivery will be taken care of no matter where in Sydney you are located.

Convenient cheesecake delivery in Sydney

Not only can you order cheesecake online for Sydney-wide delivery — you can also add some of our delicious gluten-free cakes, vegan delights, tarts, pastries and savouries to the menu for your next event. We offer delightful catering services that can help you to pull off the most exciting event at home or in the office.

Our cheesecake delivery is available from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 2 pm and on Saturdays from 7 am to midday so that we can deliver a day that is convenient to you.

Browse our collection to find your favourite and order cheesecake online today.


What are the different types of cheesecake?

There are two main types of cheesecake that you can choose from. The baked cheesecake or the lighter non-baked cheesecake. Both types of cheesecake offer unique flavours that customers have come to know and trust over the years. You can order cheesecake online in both variations from Zest Patisserie.

Can you do same-day delivery for cheesecake in Sydney?

Because of our commitment to making every single one of our cakes fresh to order, our cheesecake delivery service cannot be fulfilled on the same day the order is placed. Our kitchen will endeavour to ensure that when you order our cheesecake in Sydney, your order is filled on the date and closest possible time that you would like to receive it.

When are your cheesecake delivery times?

We proudly offer fresh cheesecake deliveries all across Sydney six days a week. Deliveries are made between 7 am and 2 pm from Monday to Friday and between 7 am and midday on Saturdays. If you would like to collect your cheesecake outside of these times, pickup is available from our patisserie in Kellyville during business hours.

Why is cheesecake a good choice for special occasions?

One of the beautiful things about cheesecake is that it appeals to a wide array of palates and personal tastes. Aside from being an Australian favourite, cheesecake is also considered a special treat on any special occasion. A cheesecake delivery for your next function or event takes care of all your dessert needs without the stress of having to find various options to fulfil hungry appetites and the design and decoration make each cake feel like a special event in itself.

What decorations can be used to make a cheesecake look festive?

Fresh berries are one of the most popular decorations for cheesecakes. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries come together to create a fresh and stylish look for our cakes. While many variations of fresh fruit can be added, the flat top of a cheesecake can also become a blank canvas, perfect for piping a cute message onto the design.

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