Ever had such a large meal you felt like you could not breathe afterwards? Like you won’t grab another bite of anything for days? But then someone asks if you’re up for something sweet, and suddenly, you sense a strange desire for a bit of sugar. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one — we all have a soft spot for dessert, no matter how much we ate beforehand.

Are you thinking about it right now? Chocolate mousse tart, strawberry cream cake, apple crumble or a delicious flan? Then you’ve come to the right place! Zest Patisserie offers online dessert delivery, so you can have them arrive at your location whenever you want. We are a team of talented chefs experimenting with various flavours and discovering new combinations that will take anyone who tastes them on an unforgettable gourmet journey. Our unique recipes set us apart and make the plates we prepare the best desserts in Sydney. Contact Zest Patisserie for dessert delivery in Sydney and spice up your next meal with a few bites of something sweet. 

A unique taste of chocolate

Do you think you’ve tasted every chocolatey combination there is? Think again. If you’ve never ordered desserts from Zest Patisserie, you haven’t had the chance to try the best treats made to indulge everyone’s palate. We also have some traditional treats like chocolate brownies that satisfy the needs of those who want to crunch through hard chocolate chunks and fill their mouth with the heavenly sweet lava that fills the inside.

Our dessert delivery includes unique tastes and shapes, like our chocolate mousse wrap. Those who ordered this dessert from Zest Patisserie call it a ‘bite of heaven’ because that’s precisely what it is — just one bite fills your mouth with satisfying indulgence. We also boast dark chocolate profiteroles that can look great arranged on a platter for your next event. 

White delight 

How often do you opt for a bite of white chocolate? Zest Patisserie knows it is left forgotten in the shadow of a dark one, so we always advise our guests to at least try our white chocolate profiterole. It’s so tiny it can fit in your mouth, but even though it is just one bite, you will soon discover that this dessert gives such a full flavour that you will enjoy its taste long after the last crumb glides down your throat. What makes it so irresistible? Zest Patisserie combines it with some of the finest ingredients on the market. 

Our focus has always been providing our dear customers who order dessert delivery with unique combinations that they cannot find anywhere else. Our talented chefs use only fresh creams, couverture chocolate and natural beans, giving our desserts perfect texture and distinctive flavour. 

Fruity desire

Nothing is better on a scorching Australian summer day than a bowl of refreshing fruits. Here at Zest Patisserie, we love to give it a little twist to create the best desserts in Sydney. We take fresh, seasonal slices of your favourite fruits and combine them for you to relish. These include fruit flans that combine strawberries, kiwi, cherries, passionfruit and pears. This combo also comes as an individual fruit flan ideal for those looking for a reliable dessert delivery in Sydney that will spice up their catering table. Zest Patisserie is also famous for its nutty-fruity combinations, like mini berry almond bites, apple crumble, pecan caramel, caramel mixed nut, pear and almond flan and many more. 

Petit fours

If you want to enrich the next big event with plates of delicious and delightfully decorated sweets, choose our online dessert catering service and ask for our petit fours. You can also contact us to find out what kind of plate we can fix for you. Someone will be right with you to ask you about your likes and preferences so we can come up with petit fours that will surprise and delight you simultaneously. 

Finest ingredient mixtures

Many ask us how we combine such familiar ingredients and still get unique boxes of desserts that cannot be tasted elsewhere. We always answer the same — carefully picked components. We don’t opt for just any chocolate in the local supermarket — we use couverture chocolate made from the cocoa bean and liquor set on cocoa butter. We expertly combine them with natural vanilla beans to give the full flavour you can taste. We use only fresh cream and not industry-produced ones. And finally, the butter in our desserts is unsalted, which will not leave that fatty residue in your mouth. 

Order dessert online from Zest Patisserie

Wondering what makes us the best online dessert delivery service in the city? We boast a unique combination of talents serving unique desserts Sydney has ever seen. You can order our desserts online by sending us your enquiry via email at [email protected] or by calling our patisserie in Kellyville on 8882 9672. 

Aside from the widely praised dessert delivery, we are known for our uniquely extensive range of gluten-free products, pastries, tarts, flans, pies, biscuits and cakes. We’ve built our reputation due to our exceptional customer service, paired with fresh ingredients we hand-pick to ensure we prepare palatable desserts. Zest Patisserie has been a part of your home and important events for years. Our desserts are made in an air-conditioned environment and are transported to you in our refrigerated delivery vehicles designed to keep them fresh and full-flavoured.

Indulge in sweet goodness by ordering desserts online today

Our Sydney dessert shop provides a huge selection of delicious delights crafted with the finest ingredients. Satisfy every sweet craving and choose among our cakes, pastries, tarts and flans. Also, you may savour delicious sweets at home thanks to our reliable delivery service. We've got you covered, whether you're in the mood for something creamy, fruity or chocolatey. 

Place your order now and we will come to your location, no matter where you need us in the city. 


What is the most popular dessert?

Chocolate cake, custard tarts, cheesecake, apple pie and brownies are among the most frequently consumed desserts. These delights are rich in flavour and sweetness, making them perfect for satiating your sweet tooth cravings. 

What is Australia's most famous dessert?

The Pavlova is Australia's national dessert. This meringue-based treat is named after Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina, and is typically topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits. Because of its light and airy texture, the Pavlova makes for a great dessert after a carb-heavy meal.

Where can I get custom desserts in Sydney?

Zest Patisserie is the place to go if you want personalised desserts. Custom cakes, cupcakes and other delicacies are what we specialise in. We can assist you in creating the sweet treat for your needs, whether you’re looking for a vegan dessert or a gluten-free dessert that satisfies dietary requirements or a distinct flavour combination like passionfruit and mango.

Where can I find the best dessert delivery in Sydney?

Zest Patisserie is an excellent option if you want the best dessert delivered in Sydney. We take great satisfaction in using premium ingredients to make mouthwatering sweets packaged in high-quality dessert boxes delivered right to your doorstep.

What types of desserts do you offer?

For every taste and preference, Zest Patisserie provides a variety of desserts online. We have traditional desserts like custard tarts, fruit flans, chocolate mousse tarts and more exotic choices like miniature Pina Colada desserts and berry almond flans. We also provide vegan, halal and gluten-free desserts so that even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy a tasty treat. Our skilled pastry chefs make everything our dessert shop offers with the finest ingredients to deliver the best flavour and texture.

Who makes the best dessert delivery in Sydney?

Zest Patisserie is widely regarded as the best online dessert delivery in Sydney. Our dessert shop serves up delicious desserts made from only the highest quality ingredients. Whether you're craving a classic dessert or looking for something unique for your wedding, event or special occasion, our dessert shop has something for everyone. Browse our selection online or contact us if you need help with placing your order.

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