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Want to take your next party or function to the next level? We can help you make it memorable in every way possible thanks to our well-organised party food delivery services. Whether you are getting ready to celebrate something within the family, or you are looking to treat your employees, impress your clients or business partners, count on Zest Patisserie to be a one-stop-shop for all your party food needs. We enable you to order part food online and thus skip the entire hassle surrounding the food. Thanks to our party food delivery in Sydney, you can focus on some other aspects of event organisation and still be confident that the food will arrive on time and fresh. 

More Than A Tasty Food Plate

Zest Patisserie stands out from its competitors because we understand that you are looking for something more than just - delicious. Yes, we have assembled a team of talented cooks, but we didn’t stop there. Many have perfected the art of cooking and baking, but not many have our aptitude for mixing ingredients. We are the best catering in Sydney because we offer dishes no other caterer in the city prepares. How come? Because aside from employing highly skilled and experienced chefs, we made sure our team is ambitious as well as adventurous. At Zest Patisserie, we are not afraid to try something different, something no one dared to prepare beforehand. We are also eager to learn new things and continue to evolve as experts. Although we only offer food catering in Sydney, we are praised on a much wider scale due to our unique food combinations and customer service.  

Prompt and Punctual Service

The idea behind our catering service was to simplify an otherwise complex process of event organisation. No matter the occasion, no matter how many guests you expect, there are always so many things that have to be taken into account that it is easy to miss out on some minor details - details that will prove to be crucial for the success of the event. Thus, Zest Patisserie takes one aspect of the organisation and ensures that all goes well. We are a well-coordinated team with more than 30 years of experience. Our catering delivery in Sydney has been perfected to the very core and we make no mistakes in the process. It is up to you to contact us, tell us whether you have any special requests and wishes, the number of guests you expect, and finally - where you want catering delivery to arrive and at what time. Zest Patisserie has a rich portfolio of satisfied clients who praise our punctuality. Don’t risk having your guests’ stomachs growl because the catering services are late - we promise to arrive at an agreed-upon time, not a minute late! 

An Array of Tastes and Dishes

Are you expecting such a diverse range of guests that you have no idea how to indulge everyone’s tastes? With Zest Patisserie, you will not have to worry that someone might be leaving your party hungry. We rightfully earned the title of the best catering in Sydney by preparing the widest range of dishes possible. If you browse through our website you will find out that we can enrich the buffet table with a variety of cakes, tarts, flans, desserts, pastries, pies, and biscuits, as well as savouries. This means that we have a bit of something for everyone - both sweet tooth and those who want to fill their tummies with something salty before indulging in a creamy or crispy dessert. 

Attentive to Your Every Need

What is more, we are conscious of those who have special dietary habits. We know that you are likely to host a party where some of the guests who pay close attention to their nutrition, be it for their health or beliefs. For this reason, our food catering in Sydney can include gluten-free dishes. We are your right-hand partner in the next event you are looking to host, and we want you to be the talk of the town once it is finished. Rely on our food catering in Sydney and rest assured you and all your guests will be more than satisfied with an array of food we provide. 

Fresh & Carefully-picked Ingredients

We hand-pick the ingredients that we use to prepare our catering food. All of our dishes are prepared fresh - especially our sweets! First, in case you order any of our chocolate-fused desserts or cakes as a part of the catering package, know that we only use couverture chocolate for our mousses that are made from liquor and cocoa bean. Second, when we enrich the dessert with vanilla, we always opt for fresh vanilla beans to ensure you receive a full taste. Furthermore, our cream is made from natural ingredients and not industry-developed products. Finally, to spare you from that fatty residue that tends to stay in the mouth after eating something buttery, we utilise the unsalted one. Evidently, no other food catering in Sydney will pay that much attention to the details! 

Why Order Catering Online From Zest Patisserie

The date is getting closer and there are so many things left to do - allow us to take one huge load off your back. Place your trust in our and order catering food online fast and easy! With Zest Patisseries convenient service, you can organise to have an appealing selection of meals that will match anyone’s specific taste and dietary habit. Our deliveries are available from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 2 pm, and from 7 am to midday on Saturday. In case you have a special request and need to have the food delivered outside these times, please contact us to see if it is possible for us to arrange something that will better meet your schedule. 

Be sure to order catering online on-time. We prepare our food fresh for every occasion and are for that reason unable to cater for the same day deliveries. Browse Zest Patisserie right away to find out why we are the best catering in Sydney! 

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