Is there anyone in the world — man, woman or child — who does not love the mesmerising smell and the delightful taste of freshly-baked, straight-from-the-oven pastries? No, we do not think so, which is why Zest Patisserie is here to fulfil your fantasies — at least when it comes to amazing pastry! 

In fact, we can freely say that we sell the best pastries in Sydney, which range from mouth-watering Danish pastries, simple yet extremely delicious plain pastries and scones, and all kinds of croissants and muffins that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. 

If that sounds promising, order pastry online, try it out as soon as it hits your door, and you will see what we were talking about!

Delicious Danish Pastries

Even though we have nothing to do with Denmark, the country of origin of these delicious pastries, we can proudly claim that our Danish Pastry is actually the best pastry in Sydney. 

It is a wonderful, multilayered, laminated sweet pastry, which is a variant of puff pastry — but with a little twist. There are two main differences between Danish pastry and puff pastry. 

First of all, Danish dough is made with yeast, which is not the case with puff pastry. Secondly, Danish pastries contain very high levels of fat — around 40%, which comes mainly from quality unsalted butter. One thing is certain — you will not make a mistake if you decide to try out our fabulous Danish pastries. 

You will figure out why these are so popular all across the world once you have the first bite. Their texture is smooth yet so chewy, so it is highly likely that you will not be able to stop eating these! Just order pastry online, wait for it to get delivered, and dive straight into it the moment it arrives!

Simple yet enchanting plain pastries

If you are a simple guy or gal who does not like to experiment with different tastes and textures, you should certainly play it safe and opt for our simple pastries. Our Plain Croissant is the perfect example of how easy yet fulfilling your life can be simply because it has everything you can ever ask for. 

Did you know that croissant originates from France, where people eat it usually for breakfast? It is important to mention that this lovely pastry was named for its iconic shape, as crescent-shaped bread has been made since the Renaissance. 

The fact that a plain croissant is often the best-selling product in many bakeries and patisseries should not surprise you at all, as it goes well with practically anything — both sweet and savoury. 

On the other hand, there is also Plain Scone which is a part of our offer, too. It is a traditional British baked good which is lightly sweetened and sometimes glazed with egg wash. 

We at Zest Patisserie sell plain scones in packages of six, so give them a try and see what they are all about. If you are intrigued, make sure to find your tasty croissants and scones in our patisserie, choose the best pastry delivery in Sydney, and enjoy your favourite plain pastries. It’s as simple as that!

All kinds of croissants for everyone’s taste

Speaking of croissants, we have already said that they go perfectly well with both sweet and savoury ingredients. However, if you do not want to think too much and come up with your own combos, you should definitely check out our variations that include an Almond Croissant and a Chocolate Croissant. 

No matter what flavour you typically prefer, these two will unquestionably steal the show, so do not wait much longer and buy pastries online. For example, an almond is a hearty, sweet nut that will not fail to satisfy your cravings, and you know what? 

Nuts are extremely popular nowadays because they are very healthy and super nutritious, which is why you will not make a mistake if you decide to give our Almond Croissant a fair shot. 

On the other hand, chocolate chips are universally fabulous, which means that you will not go wrong with this flavour either. The choice is totally up to you, so take a look at the best pastries in Sydney, place your order, and let Zest Patisserie show you what a flawless croissant is!

Lovely muffins that will make your day

If you can name a person who does not love muffins of any kind — congratulations because we surely cannot accomplish it! In fact, we at Zest Patisserie claim that muffins make the world go round, alongside our other delicious pastries, of course. 

As for the muffins we have in our offer, there are three lovely kinds that include a Raspberry Muffin, a Chocolate Chip Muffin, and an Apple Crumble Muffin. The only thing you need to do before you order pastry online is to take your personal preferences in mind and get delicious muffins that will give you everything you hoped for — smooth, flawless texture, awesome flavour, and just the right amount of sweetness. 

So, check out our unique offer, choose pastries online delivery, place your pastry cake online order, and you are good to go!

Cakes, tarts and pastries in Sydney

If you’re looking for the best cakes, delicious tarts or any other kind of incredible dessert, then you can’t go past Zest Patisserie. With years of experience, we can cater your next event with every one of our delicious goodies, including wonderful savoury options too. 

When you order your pastries online, delivery is completed the very next day, so there are no delays in getting these wonderful treats to you, no matter where in Sydney you are based. Order your favourite pastries in Sydney today and discover the world of flavour waiting for you at Zest Patisserie.

Order pastry online from Zest Patisserie

As thousands of Sydneysiders simply adore different kinds of yummy pastries, we decided to bake some of the most popular pastry options out there and make our customers beyond happy. 

When you decide to buy pastries online, be sure to understand that we deliver every day from Monday to Friday, between 6 am and 2 pm. Delivery times differ on Saturday, when we deliver from 7 am to midday, whereas we do not deliver on Sundays at all. 

Of course, if your delivery is required at a specific time, you should certainly note your requirement when you place your order so that we can properly process it and try to meet your requirements. 

However, if you wish to visit our patisserie in person, you should know that we can be found at Kellyville in Sydney. Do not forget that we make the best pastries in Sydney, so bear that in mind and feel free to contact us either via phone or email if you have any questions!



What type of pastries are most popular?

The most popular pastries always come down to personal preference. Some people simply adore the buttery flavour of croissants, while others can’t wait to break open a box of delicious muffins to sample the flavours inside.

We offer an excellent collection of pastries in Sydney to choose from, so try one or try them all to find the most popular option for your home or office. 

What flavours do your pastries come in?

At Zest Patisserie, we take great pride in providing a world of flavours for you. Fresh fruits in our Danish Pastries, Apple Crumble Muffins and traditionally baked scones are only part of our pastry range. 

Do you provide pastries with dietary restrictions?

All the pastries in our online store are vegetarian and made from the highest quality ingredients. Most pastry options you will find online have a complete list of ingredients, so you can easily see which ones suit those with special dietary requirements. If more information is required, please phone or email us directly.

The beauty of pastries being small, individual items is that you can easily cater for a range of dietary requirements with a variety of options for people without missing out on all-time favourites. Browse our pastries online today to find the perfect options for you.

What is the price of pastries in Sydney?

The price of our pastries in Sydney varies from item to item. Being small items and lower in cost, you can order pastries online specifically to suit your budget, no matter what that might be. 

There is an additional charge if you order pastries online for delivery, but with the added convenience of delivery directly to your home or office, it is well worth the additional expense. For those looking for a more affordable option, you can click and collect from our Kellyville store. 

Do you offer delivery of pastries in Sydney?

We proudly deliver the best pastries in Sydney to wherever you are in the city. Our online ordering system makes savouring your favourite treats simple and convenient and allows you to browse our entire collection at your leisure. 

Our pastry delivery in Sydney is available six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Our efficient drivers will arrive as close as possible to your designated time to drop off the most delicious pastries in Sydney that will be ideal for your next event.

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