Thank You Cakes

A simple “thank you” often feels like the bare minimum when you truly appreciate someone’s effort. We’re here to tell you that you can do more for someone — through our delightful “Thank You” cakes! Have an employee, a teacher, a pet sitter or anyone who’s made an impact on your life to give your thanks to? Show appreciation with “Thank You” cakes from Zest Patisserie, the best place to get tasty desserts in Sydney!

A “Thank You” cake for every occasion

Ever wondered when you can make your “thank you” feel more special? Well, here’s a sprinkle of truth for you: any occasion can be as special as you want it to be! Whether you’re celebrating a decade of friendship or making a random gesture to brighten someone’s day, our “Thank You” cakes add a dollop of sweetness to any occasion. 

Bring delectable desserts when celebrating your boss’ 50th anniversary, showing appreciation for your child’s teacher or attending a neighbour’s house party. If you ask us, you don’t need a major reason to give “Thank You” cakes, but it will be a highly appreciated gesture.

From chocolate-dipped berries to sponge cakes — endless options available

At Zest Patisserie, we’ve reimagined the art of expressing gratitude with our vibrant and oh-so-yummy desserts. Want to show someone your deep appreciation? “Thank You” cake designs and varieties can do that! These confections are more than just sweet treats but a celebration in every bite. 

Instead of a traditional “Thank You” cake, try our tasting plates of crispy cannolis with rich fillings of custard, chocolate and ricotta. Nothing is standard about this tasting plate, and it highlights your more elevated side. It’s also perfect for sharing with groups and offices, so everyone can get an individual treat. 

Not sure if everyone is a fan of crispy confections? Our “Thank You” cake selection also includes assorted mini desserts! With beloved goodies like chocolate mousse tarts and exciting flavours of lemon meringue, our assorted mini dessert plate is sure to be a hit for a wide variety of tastes. Order it for a holiday party, a birthday or a regular Friday — you don’t need a reason to tell people you appreciate them!

And if you need something more conventional and comforting, check out our sponge “Thank You” cakes. Their light and fluffy texture is something anyone can appreciate in a dessert. For more “Thank You” cake ideas, we have loads of options below.

Customisable messages for more meaning

Want to add a personal touch to your “Thank You” cakes? Not a problem! When you order at Zest Patisserie, you have the option to include customisable messages with your dessert. Whether it’s a more heartfelt “thank you” or a fun-loving message, you can use our cakes to make your sentiments even more special. 

And if you want to go the extra mile, add small gifts to your “Thank You” cake! Choose from chocolates, candies, coffee or lolly bags, and we’ll include them in your package. It’s all about making your moment of gratitude truly unique, meaningful and memorable. 

Gluten-free options for everyone to enjoy

We believe no one should be left out when it comes to savouring the joy of “Thank You” cakes. Apart from our variety of flavours and desserts, we offer gluten-free options to allow everyone to indulge in whatever the celebration! Gluten-free desserts are just as delicious and fun as the rest of our “Thank You” cake collection, so you can express your gratitude without any restrictions.

Celebrate today — order Zest Patisserie “Thank You” cakes!

Has anyone in your life who could use a show of gratitude? Get them a “Thank You” cake from Zest Patisserie! From cannoli plates to sponge cakes, our dessert selection is the sweetest way to tell someone you appreciate them. Each dessert is customisable with a message, with gift options you can add to the package. Make every expression of your gratitude personal and meaningful with our “Thank You” cakes. 

Order now and enjoy “Thank You” cake delivery straight to your doorstep. We deliver from Mondays through Saturdays. Alternatively, you can pick up your dessert from our Kellyville address. Just let us know what time so we can make delivery or pick-up a breeze and right on schedule. 

For more decadent desserts, check out our range of cakes. From vegan cakes and chocolate cakes to cheesecakes and cupcakes, you name it, and we bake it!


Can I personalise a “Thank You” cake with a special message?

Absolutely! We’re all about making your “Thank You” cakes extra special. That’s why we offer the option to add a special message and small gifts to your cake order.

What is the typical lead time for ordering a “Thank You” cake in Sydney?

Typically, we require just one day to ensure your “Thank You” cake is baked to perfection. Our refrigerated delivery services within Sydney are available from Monday to Saturday, but please note that we don’t ship out cakes on Sundays.

Can you deliver the cake to the recipient’s address?

Yes, we can! We offer refrigerated delivery services to make your gesture even more convenient. Let us send your delicious “Thank You” cake directly to the recipient’s address anywhere in Sydney.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?

Of course! Everyone should be able to enjoy our “Thank You” cake, so we offer gluten-free desserts in our selection. For vegan options, please check our vegan dessert range — you can also customise them with messages!

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