Cake lovers from all across Sydney, unite! It is about time you tasted the most delicih3>ous cake in your life, so do not wait any longer and order our fabulous cakes online. Zest Patisserie is a one-of-a-kind cake shop that can satisfy even the pickiest palate and you should know that our cakes range from creamy chocolate to refreshing cakes that feature fresh fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. On the other hand, if you love cheese in your cake, a yummy cheesecake should be your first choice.

There are a variety of gluten-free and vegan cakes in our collection as well, so check them out if a gluten-free diet is your thing and you will make a good decision. We have one location in Kellyville Sydney, and we also deliver cakes and patisserie to your door, so pick a perfect cake, place your cake shop order online and wait for your delivery the next day!

Chocolate cake rhapsody

Speaking of those amazing chocolate cakes, these should unquestionably find their place when it comes to your next order of cakes online. This is particularly true if chocolate is your guilty pleasure, so take a look at our offer and you will surely find the best one for your taste. There is a Chocolate Mud Cake that is neither too heavy nor too light, so it is enough to satisfy your cravings. It is filled and topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate work.

However, if you are up for a true chocolate fantasy, you should give Triple Chocolate Mousse a fair shot that makes for the perfect birthday cake. It prides itself on many layers of chocolate roulade sponge soaked in light rum liqueur, with individual layers of milk, dark and white chocolate. Did you know that we use couverture chocolate in our mousses? It is a special type of chocolate with an extremely fine texture and we’ve also got a range of bling that you can deck your chocolate cake out with too.

Add one of our delicious chocolate cakes to your basket when you next order cake online and you can see for yourself!

Healthy fruit aroma

Of course, we know that chocolate cakes are simply too much for some people, which is why we have come up with some delicious fruit cakes. Even though these are slightly lighter in sweetness, they undoubtedly bring just the right amount. We are sure you will not regret ordering some of the best cakes in Sydney.

One such cake is Jam and Chantilly Cream Sponge Cake with fresh strawberries and it is exactly what you want from a fruit cake — and even more. This one will catch your attention when ordering cakes online thanks to its simple yet effective look. It makes for a great cake for everyday gatherings but works perfectly as an Easter Cake too. The dazzling taste is the most exciting thing about this cake, as cream chantilly filling, a thin layer of raspberry jam and a light vanilla sponge is a match made in heaven.

Just place your cake order in Sydney now and enjoy your fresh cake tomorrow!

A taste of tradition

If you want to order traditional cakes online that you know everyone will adore, you will not make a mistake with our lovely Tiramisu. This cake is always available for online delivery, so do not wait any longer and order cakes online today. Our charming Tiramisu is filled with the super creamy mascarpone cheese mix and finished with Dutch cocoa powder, and chocolate garnishes. As for the vanilla sponge, it is soaked in our own Zest Patisserie blend espresso coffee and liqueur syrup, which are the two ingredients that give it its signature flavour, making it one of the best cakes in Sydney.

The great thing is that you can order cake online and get it delivered to your address, so take advantage of that, but bear in mind that we deliver cakes a day after you place your cake order — every day except Sunday.

Cakes for special events

If you are catering an important occasion and want to sweep your guests off their feet, our mesmerising Croquembouche tower should certainly be your cake of choice.

It is made up of a minimum of 40 profiteroles — choux pastry puffs filled with vanilla custard with a very  mild citrus flavour. Of course, you can choose the filling custard if necessary and there are coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours you can pick from. Here is the best part about this glorious cake — each profiterole is dipped in toffee and stacked to form a tower, later wrapped in caramelised sugar.

So, if ordering cakes online in Sydney is your go-to choice, you will not regret if you go for our fabulous Croquembouche. Our refrigerated delivery vehicles are ready to roll at any time, so you can be sure that your lovely cake will reach your door intact!

Gluten-free cakes

In case you were wondering — yes, it is true — our gluten-free cakes are as delightful as any other cake without that special label in our offer! Our Banana Cake Gluten Free is the best example, so place your cake order in Sydney and wait for your sweet pleasure the next day!

Apart from fresh banana, the predominant flavour in this case, there is also a combination of coconut and citrus fudge icing, which can make everything much more enchanting. It gets even better when you realise that toasted banana and coconut chips are dipped in dark chocolate on top of this fabulous cake, so give our wonderful cakes online a try and we are sure you will love every single one!

Order a cake online from Zest Patisserie

When you order a cake online from Zest Patisserie, deliveries are available from Monday to Saturday, between 7 am and 2 pm from Monday to Friday and between 7 am and midday Saturday. We do not deliver on Sunday. It is very important to know that our cakes are made fresh daily for your order, which is why we cannot cater for same-day delivery.

Apart from ordering our cakes online, you should also know that Zest Patisserie can be found at Kellyville, Sydney. However, more people love to order cakes online in Sydney simply because it is much faster and more convenient. Still, you can always visit our patisserie and check out our cakes, desserts, coffee, tea and savoury delights in person.

Contact Zest Patisserie for the best cakes in Sydney today and add a touch of flair to your next gathering or event.


What kind of cakes do you offer?

At Zest Patisserie, we have cakes in different shapes, sizes, flavours and designs. Our bestsellers are chocolate and fruity cakes, but we also have cheesecakes and sponge cakes. Browse through our delicious range today to find the perfect cake for you. 

Do you make cakes for special dietary requirements?

We offer some of the best cakes in Sydney for those with specific dietary requirements. Though we don’t make cakes specifically to order, we can provide some delicious alternative cakes in our gluten-free and dairy-free ranges that everyone can enjoy. 

What time do you deliver if I order a cake online?

We have set delivery times for our cakes from 7 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday and from 7 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. We don't deliver on Sundays. If you have a specific delivery time request when you order cakes online with us, you can note it in your booking and we will do our best to cater to your request. 

Can you decorate your cakes for a birthday?

Our cakes come with pretty special decorations and can also be dressed up with some of the great accessories from our bling section, including Skittles, M&Ms, jelly beans, candles and the best couverture chocolate. Browse our cake bling shop to find the perfect decorations for your next birthday celebration. 

Can I buy a cake from your store directly?

We have one patisserie location in Sydney, which is Kellyville. Our customers are welcome to visit us in-store to find some of the best cakes in Sydney that are made fresh daily. For those who don’t have much time, you can order your cake online, which can be picked up from our stores.

Do you offer cakes for vegans?

We proudly offer a selection of delicious vegan cakes for you to choose from in our online store. Our Vegan Raspberry Chocolate and Hummingbird Cakes are local favourites that shouldn’t be missed for any vegan celebration. Our vegan cake range will soon increase in its options.

What special occasion cakes do you offer?

Cakes are made for special occasions and we take great joy in creating a range of cakes for every occasion. For graduations, Mother’s Day celebrations, anniversaries and more, you can order a cake online to suit every event.

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