Indulge in irresistible sweetness with scrumptious cupcakes by Zest Patisserie! Bursting with flavour and baked to perfection, our cupcakes in Sydney are the ultimate treat, no matter the occasion.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or a wedding or simply craving a sweet treat, we have the perfect cupcake to suit every taste bud! Each cupcake is meticulously handmade from the freshest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delectable experience.

Choose from a wide array of flavours and delightful toppings that will add a pop of fun and colour to your celebrations. Best of all, you can conveniently order our cupcakes online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Order cupcakes now and add a generous dose of sweetness to your day! 

Choose from classic and modern flavours

At Zest Patisserie, cupcakes are more than just desserts — they’re miniature works of art bursting with delightful flavours. From classic favourites to creative twists, our diverse selection of cupcake flavours is designed to cater to every palate. 

Indulge in our rich chocolate cupcakes or revel in our moist mocha creations. If you prefer a classic delight, our velvety vanilla cupcakes will not disappoint. For a tangy twist, we have lemon-infused cupcakes that will leave you craving more. 

Our bakery is also home to a range of unique creations, including Funfetti, salted caramel, cookies and cream and even luscious red velvet. 

Browse our selection now and enjoy everything you desire in a cupcake: smooth, flawless textures, awesome flavours and just the right amount of sweetness!

Order cupcakes made from premium ingredients

What sets our cupcakes apart is our premium selection of ingredients. For our mousses, we use couverture chocolate, known for its remarkable texture and lusciousness. In certain cake and cupcake recipes, we use vanilla beans for a more distinctive taste. 

We use unsalted butter to create a perfect balance and allow other ingredients to shine, minus the overpowering salty taste. We never use imitation cream or vegetable shortenings — our cupcakes are graced with the velvety goodness of fresh cream, delivering luscious flavours that elevate the cupcake's overall taste. 

Buy cupcakes now and experience mouthwatering perfection with every bite!

Irresistible cupcakes in Sydney for every occasion

Add that extra sparkle to every celebration. Our cupcakes are adorned with handcrafted fondant details and intricate buttercream designs. You can also add toppings, such as sprinkles, jellies or number toppers you can light up and blow out. 

Our cupcakes are delicious treats and masterpieces designed to add sparkle to every celebration. We go the extra mile to ensure each cupcake looks amazing and tastes even better! 

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower or just-because moment, we’ve got you covered. We have the right flavours to match any event or season. Our cupcakes are perfect for intimate gatherings, big parties or as thoughtful gifts for someone special. Moreover, we treat our cupcakes as artful creations that will delight your guests and create magical moments you’ll cherish forever.

Convenient delivery service

Hosting a party can be stressful, so we’re here to help you save time and energy with our convenient cupcake delivery service.

No matter where you are in Sydney, our team strives to ensure your cupcakes arrive fresh and on time. We deliver between 7 AM and 2 PM from Monday to Friday and between 7 AM and midday on Saturdays. 

Our cupcakes are freshly baked each day, so we kindly ask that you order online at least one day in advance. We do not offer same-day delivery since we want to guarantee the quality and freshness of our baked goods.

Say goodbye to long queues and crowded bakeries. We'll prepare, pack and deliver your cupcakes to your desired location. 

If you need an urgent cupcake fix, please visit our charming patisserie located in Kellyville. Browse our display of freshly baked goods and indulge in the heavenly aromas that fill our store each day.


What is the secret to good cupcakes?

The secret to good cupcakes lies in the perfect balance of high-quality ingredients and precision in techniques. Accurate measurements also ensure consistency and ideal textures.

What makes cupcakes more moist?

There are several factors that contribute to making cupcakes moist. These include following accurate ingredient ratios, proper baking time and ideal temperature. Paying attention to these details can help you achieve moist and scrumptious cupcakes that are sure to impress.

How long will cupcakes stay fresh?

Cupcakes can stay fresh for about two to three days as long as they’re stored at room temperature in a cool and dry environment. Keep them in an airtight container away from sunlight. If you refrigerate your cupcakes, give them at least an hour to return to room temperature before consuming them.

How far in advance can I order cupcakes for a party?

We recommend placing your order at least a day or even a week before your desired delivery date. This way, we have ample time to prepare your cupcakes and any custom requests.

Where is Zest Patisserie located?

Our charming store is located at Shop 30, 90 Wrights Road, Kellyville, NSW 2155. Drop by and experience our delightful cakes, biscuits, pastries and desserts that are renowned in the area.

Do you offer catering?

Yes! We cater to all types of events, from intimate gatherings to corporate parties. We can elevate your buffet table with various cakes, pastries and other desserts. Learn more about our catering services here.

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