If you are a huge fan of delicious tarts and yummy flans but you are not really that skilful to make them on your own, do not worry at all because you are at the right place! We at Zest Patisserie have a wonderful offer of the tastiest tarts and flans you have ever tried, so do not wait any longer and order a tart or a flan and enjoy the rhapsody of flavours! Before you place an order, make sure to understand that we do not do the same-day deliveries. This is because each tart, flan, flan cake, and other baked goods are prepared each day for your order, so order your products of choice at least a couple of days in advance. It is also good to know that we do not deliver on Sundays, so bear that in mind as well and you will not end up disappointed!                                                                                                  

Enchanting Baked Lemon Lime Tart

Our Baked Lemon Lime Tart is arguably one of the most delightful tarts in our patisserie, and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, it features a super smooth yet very crumbly base, which is a traditional part of any tart. Did you know that a tart can be defined as a baked dish that consists of a filling that is spread over a pastry base, which has an open-top that is not covered with pastry? That is right, and the contrast between the crumbliness of baked pastry base and the smoothness of filling is exactly what makes this dish so exciting and worth your attention. If citrusy flavours such as lemon and lime are always your first choice, you should definitely give our Baked Lemon Lime Tart a try. Does it get any better? Well, yes, it does, as this tart is garnished with fresh strawberries and lime slices which contribute to its mesmerising flavour even more!

Enticing Apple Berry Tart

On the other hand, if lemon and lime simply are not your go-to flavours, you should take our Apple Berry Tart into consideration. Similarly to our Baked Lemon Lime Tart, this one also consists of a sweet pastry base that holds the filling safely in one place. As for the filling itself, it features freshly sliced apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, which is why we can freely call this tart heaven on earth for all berry lovers out there. And that is not all – this tart is topped with glazed fruits and toasted almonds, which is a fabulous finishing touch that complements the entire cake in terms of both magnificent flavour and flawless aesthetics. When you decide to try it out, be sure to either order at our website or visit one of our two patisseries in Sydney – in Kellyville or Baulkham Hills. Or just give us a phone call and ask about delivery options! 

Glorious Baked Lemon Meringue Tart

Yes, it is true! We absolutely adore lemon and its sharp yet refreshing flavour, which is exactly why it deserves its rightful place in a wide range of our unique recipes. One of such recipes is our Baked Lemon Meringue Tart which, like any other tart in our offer, consists of a sweet pastry base and sides. Some people claim that it is actually the best part of a tart, and you know what? We cannot agree more! Apart from the gorgeous base, this tart is filled with a zesty baked fresh lemon and lime cream which significantly contributes to its authentic taste. This marvellous tart is finished with a simple yet so effective caramelised Italian meringue top. If that is what you are looking for, find your favourite tart online, place an order, and wait for your tart to get delivered straight to your door!

The Exotic Mango Passionfruit Brulee Cream Tart

Our Mango Passionfruit Brulee Cream Tart will fulfil your wildest fantasies – at least when it comes to your perfect tart, so do not miss a chance to try it out and surprise your palate with a super delicious feast! If you ask us what passion fruit tastes like, we must say that it is a completely unique taste which can be described as mango and orange in one, but a bit more sour than both of them. The combination of its sourness and the sweetness of our pastry base is completely unmatched and indescribable, which means that you will have to order it and find out what it is all about. This mind-blowing tart is decorated with glazed orange, passion fruit, strawberry, and kiwi slices, as well as with asymmetric pieces of chocolate which will balance out the sourness and allow every single flavour to pop up. Our tarts are the best tarts in Sydney and you will not make a mistake whichever you go for first, so order this one if exotic flavours are your thing and you will love its one-of-a-kind vibe!

Order Tarts and Flans from Zest Patisserie

Our tarts and flans are famous all across Sydney, which is why you should not just let others talk about them and give them a fair shot instead. So, if you are up for a tart, flan, or a flan cake, all you have to do is to check out our website or visit one of our patisseries in person. We deliver every day from Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 2 pm, whereas our delivery times differ on Saturday – between 7 am to midday. We do not deliver on Sundays, which is why you should order your flan, flan cake, or tart online at least a couple of days in advance. When placing an order, please make sure that someone is available to receive the delivery, so that everything can run as smooth as possible. The majority of the products our customers love to buy come from our own off-site kitchen and these are transported in refrigerated vans to our two Zest Patisseries later on. We are currently supplying the top cafés, restaurants, and wedding reception venues in Sydney, and our top-quality goods are there to speak on our behalf. 

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