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Cake Delivery Sydney

Got a special occasion coming up? Create a sweet memory of the event with delectable cakes from Zest Patisserie. What sets us apart from all of our competitors is our unique team known for their diverse set of talents. In order to deliver cakes that are absolute works of art and provide every sweet tooth with a mouth watering experience, we have combined our expertise in design and patisserie wholesale.

Talented Cake Masters

Zest Patisserie team consists of talented, experienced and skilled cake masters. Each member of the team has experimented and invented creative recipes since they were just a few centimetres taller than the kitchen counter. We made sure we hired exceptional individuals who have sensitive palates, distinctive tastes, and a desire to try and prepare something that’s never been seen or tasted before. Zest Patisserie cakes are one-of-a-kind and created to amaze you whilst still delivering something familiar with a surprising twist. 

Indulging Everyone’s Taste

For our cake delivery in Sydney to appeal to all palettes, a diverse range of desserts has to be prepared. Just take a look at our menu and you are bound to find the cake or a dessert that matches your specific taste. Aside from its widely-praised cake delivery, Zest Patisserie can prepare a variety of tarts, flans, pastries, pies, and biscuits. We offer catering services to help make your next event unforgettable! We also cater to our celiac friends with our range of delicious gluten-free cakes and other gluten-free desserts so that no one misses out on a sweet indulgence. 

Finest Ingredients  

What truly makes our cakes packed full of flavour are the carefully selected ingredients we use for their preparation. Our mousses are made from couverture chocolate known for its fine texture while some of our other cake recipes we have opted for vanilla bean, a completely natural bean that gives it a distinctive flavour. 

 The butter we use is unsalted to give the other ingredients a chance to shine without the overpowering salty taste. Finally, what makes our Sydney cake delivery service everyone’s first choice is the fresh cream we use which has a delightfully creamy flavour and texture than imitation cream, vegetable shortenings and mock cream that are a common choice in other bakeries and patisseries.  


Absolute Perfectionists

Our cake delivery Sydney workers go above and beyond to prepare a completely delicious, finger licking experience for you. As you start unboxing, you get a wonderful experience starting at the visual appearance of your cake which gradually transitions to the enticing scent and finally taste of the dessert you ordered. Our idea is to prepare a cake that will not only fulfil your dessert craving but also be the cherry on top for any party. All of our cakes are visually appealing so are ideal for social media posting and optimal food envy from your friends.

Come and Find Us - Or We Can Have the Cakes Delivered to You!

You can come and taste Zest Patisserie cakes in one of our two locations in Sydney - Kellyville or Baulkham Hills. You can also call or email our friendly patisserie and have your favourite cake delivered to your doorstep. Even though we may not be in your location, we have perfected our cake delivery system to have a cake on your table in no time. 

Order Only from the Most Reliable Cake Delivery in Sydney

We have been a part of Sydneysider’s celebratory events for years! No matter the occasion - birthday, engagement, wedding or a family brunch - you can count on us to deliver your favourite cake to your table whenever you wish. 

Get in touch right now, place your order and become part of the Zest Patisserie family!

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