Vegan Cakes

Bite into one of the delicious vegan cakes from Zest Patisserie and discover a world of flavour to tantalise your tastebuds. Made from a range of high-quality, animal-free products, vegans will delight in the scrumptious flavours and inspired designs available in the Zest Patisserie online store. 

Browse our collection to find the perfect vegan cake to celebrate your next occasion today.

Vegan birthday cakes for all ages

Whether you’re celebrating your 15th or 50th birthday, there is a vegan delight in the Zest Patisserie online store just for you. Birthday cakes are a time-honoured tradition that should not be left behind if you are vegan. 

With delicious cruelty-free products, Zest Patisserie can create an impressive cake for the whole family. Shop online today for the best vegan cakes to celebrate the next birthday in your household.

Celebrating special occasions with vegan cakes in Sydney

Office parties, anniversaries, graduations and more are all occasions that warrant a delicious vegan cake delivery in Sydney. Though they might be missing a few of the more traditional ingredients from our regular cake collection, the flavours of our vegan cakes are still so delicious that everyone can enjoy a sumptuous slice of deliciousness. 

Brandished with a collection of nuts and vegan chocolate, you will discover a world of options available. Browse our vegan collection today! 

Convenient online ordering 

With Zest Patisserie, ordering vegan cakes online has never been easier. Simply browse our incredible selection of vegan cakes, choose the one that is right for you, and we’ll deliver it to your door. 

You can select the perfect accompaniment for your cake, too. Coffee, candles, savouries and sweet treats are available to complete your vegan cake-ordering experience.

Arrange a vegan cake delivery for your next event

You can have your cake with Zest Patisserie’s vegan cake delivery in Sydney. Delivery is available from Mondays to Fridays between 6 am and 2 pm and Saturdays from 7 am until midday. 

You may always drop by our retail store in Kellyville to choose from the delicious range we have on display. If you’re far away, order a vegan cake online today to experience the convenience of delivery to your home or office in Sydney. 

Quality vegan cakes and catering services from Zest Patisserie

At Zest Patisserie, we have always been proud to deliver quality vegan cakes in Sydney — but that’s not all we do. Our talented team offers a broad selection of cakes encompassing everything from your gluten-free favourites to our fantastic catering services

Check our collection of vegan cakes online today to discover how the world of Zest can help you make a statement at your next party.



What cakes are vegan?

The options in our vegan cakes collection offer the best choices for those that don’t want any animal products included in their cake. This way, no matter your dietary preferences, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

What is different about vegan cake?

Vegan cakes remove all the traditional ingredients, including animal fats or other animal products, and replace them with a plant-based alternative. The design, decoration and flavour are still as excellent as a regular cake, but the vegan option is proudly cruelty-free. 

What flavours do vegan cakes come in?

You can choose from the ever-impressive vegan chocolate cake, topped with delicious strawberries, or the traditional Hummingbird cake, exploding with nutty deliciousness. 

Can I order custom vegan cakes?

Unfortunately, our team does not offer a custom cake service, but you can order various accessories to make your vegan cakes stand out. From birthday candles to a handwritten message, you can make your vegan cake perfect for your next occasion. 

What is the price of vegan cakes in Sydney?

Our vegan cakes generally start at $53. You can calculate delivery charges directly from our online store for your suburb, so there are no hidden fees. 

Do you offer delivery of vegan cakes in Sydney?

We offer vegan cake delivery six days a week all around Sydney. We also offer in-store pick-up for orders placed one day before.

When should I order vegan cakes?

You should always order your vegan cakes online the day before you need them. If your event is being held on a Sunday, it is best to order two days in advance so we can deliver it by Saturday. 

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