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Add more Profiteroles

The basic cake is made with 40 profiteroles, you can add additional profiteroles for $2.80 each


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Lindt Dark Chocolate 2.5Kg$52.50
Lindt Dark Chocolate 2.5Kg
Lindt Milk Chocolate 2.5Kg$52.50
Lindt Milk Chocolate 2.5Kg
Lindt White Chocolate 2.5Kg$52.50
Lindt White Chocolate 2.5Kg
Include some candles with your order
Number One Candle$2.75
Number One Candle
Number Two Candle$2.75
Number Two Candle
Number Three Candle$2.75
Number Three Candle
Number Four Candle$2.75
Number Four Candle
Number Five Candle$2.75
Number Five Candle
Number Six Candle$2.75
Number Six Candle
Number Seven Candle$2.75
Number Seven Candle
Number Eight Candle$2.75
Number Eight Candle
Number Nine Candle$2.75
Number Nine Candle
Number Zero Candle$2.75
Number Zero Candle
Include some coffee with your order
Sacred Grounds Espresso$13.00
Sacred Grounds Espresso
Sacred Grounds Plunger$13.00
Sacred Grounds Plunger
Sacred Grounds Decaf Espresso$14.00
Sacred Grounds Decaf Espresso
Sacred Grounds Coffee Beans$42.00
Sacred Grounds Coffee Beans
Include some Lolly Bags with your order
Skittles Mini-Pack 50g$1.50
Skittles Mini-Pack 50g
MM Mini-Pack 50g$1.50
MM Mini-Pack 50g
Jelly Beans Mini-Pack 50g$1.50
Jelly Beans Mini-Pack 50g


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Choux pastry puffs filled with vanilla and citrus custard

Wrapped in toffee

(best eaten on the day of purchase)

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