Savouries & Pies

How would you feel if we told you we have something for you that feels crunchy and soft on your tongue? Something that will overwhelm you with pleasant warmth, a mouthwatering treat that you won’t resist even on the warmest Australian day? 

If it sounds too out-of-this-world, you’re right — because Zest Patisserie knows how to make the best pies and savouries to blow your mind. Trust us — once you order through our online pie delivery in Sydney and take the first bite, you’ll wonder why one of these delights hasn't been your 'something delicious' to wrap up the meal

Why pies are the dessert you cannot live without

Are you looking for a dessert that is perfectly crunchy, mouthwatering and tummy-filling? That's pie right there! And at Zest Patisserie, we know how to prepare the best pies in Sydney. 

Pies can be a tempting dessert after a meal or a savoury dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. At Zest Patisserie, we prepare pies in such combinations that even some ingredients that might not be your cup of tea will glide down the throat with ease, putting a wide smile on your face as you devour it almost instantly. 

Individual pie platters for your next event

Looking for a unique dessert that would spice up your next big occasion? Pies are popular because they make the perfect addition to any celebration. At Zest Patisserie, we have gourmet delights you can order online for the important event you are organising. 

And in case you wish to add a little twist to the buffet table, we recommend you buy pies online from us in individual platters. We are praised Sydney-wide for the best pies we prepare and transport to you. 

What exactly can we offer? A rich array of individual pies, including:

  • Plain pie
  • Chicken tandoori pie
  • Chicken leek pie
  • Pepper steak pie
  • Mushroom pie
  • Potato steak pie
  • And so much more! 

Unique savoury dishes that roll off the tongue

In addition to our Sydney pie delivery, we are proud to offer you a wide range of exquisite savouries. Do you think we're just full of it? Think again — what is full is our list of diverse salty dishes that you and your guests won't be able to resist. 

  • Ham and cheese croissants
  • Spinach and ricotta rolls
  • Family-sized frittatas
  • Sausage rolls
  • Quiches
  • And more!

Browse to find a delicious savoury with various ingredients that make it taste delicious, from our ten-inch, eight-inch and individual round antipasto quiche to round quiche lorraine and asparagus and feta quiche. However you like your savouries, Zest Patisserie has something that will fill your mouth with all your favourite flavours.

We also bake the best pizzas and brioches in Sydney, with ham, pineapple, feta cheese and basil — all the flavours you already know and some you probably never had the chance to taste before. Either way, don't hesitate any longer — add some of our savouries to your list of must-try foods.

Pies and savouries for delivery and catering to suit everyone's palate

Considering the variety of ingredient mixtures we use to create unique savouries and pies, we consider every Sydneysider's taste preference because our goal has always been to create a diverse menu so that anyone can find a pie or savoury they love, regardless of dietary habits, preferences or restrictions. 

Zest Patisserie is your one-stop-shop for all your catering needs — even when looking for a buffet table that will provide full-course meals suitable for both meat-lovers, sweet lovers and vegans, as well as those who can eat only gluten-free products. If you opt for our pie and savouries delivery in Sydney, you can expect nothing less than a perfectly prepared plate of deliciousness to satisfy the needs of all event attendees.

Why Zest Patisserie has the best online pies you can find in Sydney

We are not your average baking store or catering service. What gives our pies in Sydney such a refreshing and mouthwatering feel are the natural and carefully-selected ingredients we use to prepare them. We also utilise first-grade baking and cooking equipment that ensures the quality of the final dish. We also conduct our pie delivery in Sydney using adequate vehicles with refrigerators. Your pies and savouries will arrive as fresh as if they were just freshly taken out of the oven. 

What truly sets us apart is our highly experienced team of skilled creatives who combine their architecture, interior design and patisserie wholesale expertise to create a whole new dining experience. Zest Patisserie is also known for its daring attitude — we don't avoid creating different, unique tastes. As a result, we are now known as the best pies and savouries delivery in Sydney

Buy pies online and get them delivered anywhere in Sydney

With us, you can buy pies and savouries online and get them delivered to your location in Sydney. Our staff is at your disposal to take note of your request from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 5 pm and Saturday mornings. We cover a large area of Sydney so that you can enjoy the convenience of our pie delivery service no matter where you are. 

We have a physical store in Kellyville, but please take the time to browse our website and find out whether we deliver to your suburb. If you cannot find it listed, please contact us so we can see whether it is possible to deliver to your specific location. You can also come to our store in Kellyville and pick them up.

Shop the best savouries and buy pies online today

Are you looking for Sydney's best pies and savouries? You’ve come to the right place. At Zest Patisserie, we only use the best ingredients to ensure great flavour and texture in our cakes, sweets and pastries. And with our delivery service, shopping for the best savouries and pies is easy. Whether you want to enjoy one of our mouthwatering pies at home or at a corporate event, we’ll make it happen for you.

Buy pies and savouries online now and experience the quality in taste and presentation for yourself!


What are the different pies you offer? 

At Zest Patisserie, we offer a range of delicious pies, including classic beef, beef and mushroom, chicken and leek, chicken tandoori and shepherd’s pie.

What are savoury snacks? 

Savouries are those that are crunchy and richer in taste than sweets. Examples include sausage rolls, pastries, quiches and tarts.

What are the best savoury snacks? 

When it comes to savoury snacks, personal preference plays a significant role in determining the ‘best’ options. Sausage rolls are a classic choice with their flaky pastry and savoury filling. Pies, with their meat and gravy filling, are another popular option. Or, if you want something to munch on as a brunch or afternoon snack, quiches with egg and cheese filling are a great choice. 

Whether you prefer something simple and classic or a bit more gourmet, there's a savoury snack to satisfy your cravings.

What are pies in Australia? 

In Australia, pies are a typical snack with a pastry shell filled with meat, veggies or fruit.

What are the top 5 most popular pies?  

The top 5 most popular pies in Australia are: 

  • Meat pies — A traditional Australian pie with a flaky crust and a hearty meat filling, usually beef, pork or lamb, typically seasoned with herbs like thyme and parsley.
  • Chicken and mushroom pies — A well-known savoury pie made with chicken and flavourful mushrooms served in a creamy sauce. The stuffing may also include vegetables like carrots and peas and is typically seasoned with herbs like thyme and parsley.
  • Beef and mushroom pies — This savoury pie wraps soft beef bits and mushrooms in a delectable sauce. The filling is usually seasoned with herbs like rosemary and thyme and may also contain onions and carrots.
  • Steak and kidney pies — A hearty and filling pie with chunks of tender beef steak and kidneys in a rich gravy sauce and seasoned with herbs like bay leaves and thyme.
  • Vegetable pies — This tasty pie is made with carrots, peas, potatoes and mushrooms in a creamy sauce flavoured with rosemary and thyme.

Can I bulk order savouries & pies

Yes, we offer bulk orders of savouries and pies for events and functions.

Where can I find the best savouries & pies in Sydney? 

Zest Patisserie is a well-known bakery with a delicious selection of savoury snacks and pies in Sydney. Our treats will surely please your palate since they are made using premium ingredients and excellent baking methods. Visit Zest Patisserie today for the best savouries and pies in Sydney!

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