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We have a large range of Cakes, Tarts, Desserts,
Pies, Savouries and more.

Cake Delivery in Epping

Can’t seem to find the time to prepare a cake for your next big event? Don’t stress about it, Zest Patisserie’s exceptional cake delivery system in Epping has you covered. You can have a delicious dessert delivered to your doorstep in no time. No hassle, no mess, no time wasted on baking!

We pride ourselves on our tasty selection designed to surprise and amaze anyone who tries one of our desserts. Don’t hesitate to call right away and take advantage of our cake delivery in Epping! 

Diverse Desserts Menu

Looking for catering services to complete your next event with palatable sweets? Count on Zest Patisserie to prepare desserts that will make you and all the other guests stand around the dessert table until there is not even a crumb left.

From our rich array of desserts, we offer cakes, tarts, flans, petit fours, pastries, pies, savouries, biscuits, and a variety of desserts made from coffee. 

Not only are we making desserts that will satisfy every taste palate, but we also think about your specific dietary needs as well. Zest Patisserie provides a range of gluten-free sweets so no one misses out. Contact us for our catering services and ensure everyone can enjoy the sweets at the next celebration.


Finest Quality Ingredients

To meet our promise of the finest and the fullest taste, we select only the best ingredients. The chocolate we use for mousses is couverture, made from the cocoa bean and set on cocoa butter. The vanilla mouse is made from the natural vanilla bean pods which releases the most appetising vanilla taste you love so much.

Only the perfect combination of the finest ingredients can result in unique, mouth-watering desserts. Contact us right now for our cake delivery in Epping and taste for yourself!  

Well-organised Cake Delivery in Epping

Zest Patisserie provides cake delivery in Epping from Monday to Saturday, typically between 8 am and 2 pm on workdays, and from 7.30 to midday on Saturday. However, in case you want to make a special request and have a cake delivered at a specific time, be sure to note that down and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

Always Fresh and Luscious

Unfortunately, we don’t provide same-day cake delivery in Epping, but we have a good reason for it! All Zest Patisserie cakes are made fresh each day to ensure your absolute enjoyment in their full taste. We are Sydney’s most widely praised and reputable cake delivery service, so be sure to call us right away and schedule cake delivery in Epping to celebrate your next special occasion. 

We utilise fresh cream and all-natural ingredients, which is why our products are stored in the temperature range of 0-4 degrees Celsius to preserve the taste. All of our cakes and desserts are made in an air-conditioned environment to prolong their shelf life as much as possible. 

We would love to help you create the sweetest memories! 

Any Location in Sydney

We invite you to come to one of our three locations in Sydney anytime you want - in order to overwhelm you with amazement, we combined our passion for architecture and interior design with our knowledge and experience in patisserie wholesale. 

We prepare the majority of our products in our off-site wholesale kitchen and transport them carefully to our locations in Kellyville, Cherrybrook, and Baulkham Hills. You are welcome to come and taste them, or you can call and have us organise cake delivery in Epping and have any dessert you wish transported to your location. 

We may not be right around the corner from you but you will surely feel like we are, thanks to our cake delivery in Epping - and any other location in Sydney for that matter!


About Zest Patisserie

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  • Zest Patisserie has a large range of gluten free products
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Phone: Zest Patisserie Kellyville - 02 8882 9672

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